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yes, the films are only for fun... you can keep it, but if you pass it on please tell people where you got it. Please don't put the films directly on a website, but feel free to link this page.


NEWS 14.5.06

In April:
The DATA Pirates was screened at Filmonik in Manchester

In May:
A 15 minute version of Dirtside Atomic was screened at Filmonik in Manchester

Coming in June:
its confirmed that Dirtside Atomic will be screened at Sparkle 06 :) ...


NEWS 10.1.06

In November:
The Reparty50 Party showed some clips of the movies on the big screen at Copyright Club in London... my ass looked way big :)

Lancaster University showed the DATA Pirates, looping all night, to commuters on the big screens in the underpass!... coool.

In December:
I've finished the latest film, Dirtside Atomic and a comp clip is uploaded here. I'll upload more soon (probably...)


NEWS 27.4.05

at last!! this site is finally up and running... only 2 years late (that doesn't sound like me).


now online... look at the bottom of the DATA Pirates section on this page


Now online... this adventure also features in the latest issue of Repartee Magazine, as a write up by Cathy


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Hi... I hope you enjoy watching some of this nonsense :)

The excuse for films being slightly ropey
Movie-making is just a hobby (yeh right) and all films are made on a near-zero budget, using props from the pound shop or crap around my house :)

thanks for watching!

Deb Spoopoo

------ updates 14 May 06 - new Dirtside Atomic clips added -----

Chunky stuff
The films on this page are just clips taken from the full films.
Dirtside Atomic
Action Adventure Sci-fi

I'm really chuffed with this action sci-fi romp but... its 25 minutes long!... oops, got carried away. Big sacrifices were made - I split a pink rubber catsuit and another rubber top got cut in a fight scene :) ... well, we are amatuers LOL.

Thanks to AlisonGoth again for way cool space ship animation

Starring: Deb Spoopoo, Pete, Simon
Top fact: -- I made loads of props for this film including a nuclear warhead, a gattling gun, and a complete Engineering Level in my garage. Pete made a bazooka(!) adding to an already quite massive arsenal of his :)

click here to watch Trailer [ 3 MB ] general trailer

--- NEW ---
click here to watch Clip_1 [ 3 MB ] Dropship inbound
click here to watch Clip_2 [ 2 MB ] Detroit briefing
click here to watch Clip_3 [ 1.5 MB ] Agent Poodle meets aliens
click here to watch Clip_4 [ 4 MB ] getting the data packet
click here to watch Clip_5 [ 1.5 MB ] Warfare Droid kicks off

The Clothes Show Live, NEC
Cathy Kissmet and myself in a music video of a day at the Clothes Show Live exhibition, NEC Birmingham. Music by DJ CK (er... better known as Cathy)
Starring: Deb Spoopoo, Cathy Kissmet
Top fact: Cathy very nearly got her tits out for the lads LOL
The DATA Pirates
Action Adventure Sci-fi
Cooky Sci-Fi mush, the usual romp with future techno and a 'dreaded' (-that was a pun) villain, plus a cool fight sequence. Mega space vessels by AlisonGoth
Starring: Deb Spoopoo, AlisonGoth, Tracey Hart
Top fact: all shot within a 16 x 10 ft room
click here to watch Clip_1 Under Attack [ 8 MB ]
click here to watch Clip_2
Fight Scene [ 4 MB ]
click here to watch Clip_3 Mallison Arrives [ 4 MB ]

click here to watch Clip_4 The making of + bloopers [ 6 MB ]

Shooting From The Hip
A fly-on-the-wall music video of a photo shoot for a mainstream magazine
Starring: Deb Spoopoo, Martine Rose, Cathy Kissmet, Tiffany Tuesday
Top fact: 4 models, 1 photographer, 1 assistant, 1 publicist, 2 make-up artists, 2 hair stylists, 1 clothes stylist
5 Amp Fuse + bloopers
Comedy Horror
You will either laugh, cry or grimace... but you won't be scared - at least, not until the bloopers at the end :)
Starring: Deb Spoopoo, Cathy Kissmet, Bella Jay
Top fact: Cathy is not really American, Bella is not really a schoolgirl
click here to watch Clip_1 Help Please [ 6 MB ]
click here to watch Clip_2 The Chase [ 4 MB ]
Lorraine Chantey
Pop Video
The fabulously awesome Lorraine performs. Glitz and glamour to the extreme.
Starring: Lorraine Chantey
Top fact: Lorraine is awesome at 'robotics' (the dance style)
Rock Video
This was my first attempt at a rock video... including the standard 'old sheet for a background'... mainly just a mush of experimental stuff, lots of hair shaking and tweeky things
Starring: Deb Spoopoo
Top fact: my neck hurts from headbanging
These Are Transvestites
Comedy Documentary

A hi-jinx observation featuring retro nonsense.

---Update May 06 ---
this has been used as part of a promo film I did for Sparkle 06...

Starring: er... everyone, I think.
Top fact: the bow-tie is cardboard
S:WITCH (working title, in progress)
Action Adventure Sci-fi

a section from the latest film currently in progress. This is just a cool little bit...

---Update May 06---
this is finished and now part of Dirtside Atomic

Starring: Deb Spoopoo and some gimps
Top fact: --
Now Offline... see Dirtside Atomic Clip 4